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Walter Chancellor Jr.

  • Saxophonist / Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Music Composer
  • Music Producer
  • College Instructor

2023 Single 

"U Make Me Feel So Good"

Walter Chancellor Jr.

2023 Single Release
"U Make Me Feel So Good"

Get ready to groove to the smooth sounds of Walter Chancellor Jr's latest release, "U Make Me Feel So Good". This classic Smooth Jazz tune, produced by Chancellor himself along with multi-talented instrumentalist Mark Walker from the U.K, is the perfect blend of soulful saxophone, sultry, keys, bass and guitar with infectious rhythms.




2022 Single 

"Time 2 Chill"

2020 Single   Release"Steppin' Out"

2022 Single   Release"Time 2 Chill"

2019 Single   Release"Beautiful Day"

2016    Single   Release "Paradise"

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