Smooth Jazz Recording Artist,Multi-Platinum Writer/ Producer & Award Winning TV Producer Shaun LaBelle

"Walter hit it out of the park with his funky new track Paradise.
Walt's playing on this track is reminiscent of the good old days of the late George Howard.
You can also tell where he lives…..Mpls!
Radio programmers should jump on this fresh little diddy! "

Shaun LaBelle

“His producing acumen lands in the region between Quincy Jones and Barry White. Not that Walter Chancellor, Jr. stands shoulder to shoulder with either. He does, nonetheless, draw on such influence with a sure hand and unerring ear. "Botanical Jazz Garden" is an aural beauty on which, ironically enough, the artist takes a back seat for a tapestry of sheer sensuality. As he does on "Hot Supe," laid back sophistication set to a funky back beat with Chancellor taking off on a brief, brilliantly tantalizing solo. Nobody will ever accuse him of overblowing. Nor will anyone say that he skimped on his artistry. All said, he brings it.”

 Dwight Hobbes

Jason Webber Writer (VICE, Metro Times, Ghettoblaster, Paste)

"There are sax players and then there's Walt Chancellor, a brother who doesn't just play the music but embodies it. A true Minneapolis treasure, everybody from Prince to Chaka Khan knows that when you need that classic jazz/blues flavor on an just add a dash of Salty Walt."

Pete Rhodes (Executive Director at Black Music America Network, Chairman at Urban Mass Media Group)
- Minneapolis, MN

"When Walter Chancellor plays you hear a true master of music, art and sound. One of my favorite saxophonist."

KCCI Des Moines / Article:
"Living In Prince's World"

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